Old Machine


respect of the old and new users:

as social productivity, competitiveness increasingly competitive society, advanced equipment and production determines the efficiency of enterprises. The old machine has been in the past can not keep up the demand of the times, the transformation of the old machine has become the irresistible trend.
Transformation of the new machine is based on the advanced parts of the conversion into 201,231, producing about 30 kilograms per hour, mainly carding, transmission, the three major electrical improvements, significant characteristics are as follows:

  1. 46 sets of used FA series of advanced technologies, the use tilt-rollers 3 to prevent the cotton net down, smooth out the network, avoiding the nets, were arrested. Laura used to deal with chrome, can increase the degree of wear.
  2. Part of the drive changed the whole HTD-8M-1160 and HTD-8M-1600 two timing belt drive, with electric chain of drive-Astoria, greatly reducing the consumption of parts to repair easily.
  3. 43 pressure to switch to roller-Drive 231, the sliver of uniform rules to reduce noise.
  4. Allocation before the FA Series 4 2 aluminum alloy plate fixation: the former board under the hood of the Department of 4 pre-fixed by regulation cover gasket and cover regulation of inter-cylinder gauge, and its role in strengthening the sort to improve Extension of the fiber, reducing the Nep and improve the quality of sliver. After 2 fixed on the cover into the Xilin beam for the cotton carding, so that the sliver is more loose and raise the carding, impurity, the results are mixed, at the same time reduce the cover of the cylinder pin load surface, the protective cover Clothing the role of impurities in the short fiber cotton through the network of cleaner emissions and improve the quality of yarn.
  5. Leader for the column width, side-stepped the lead, oblique, of the article out fast, high-yield, uniform sliver, be a good shot.
  6. Switch converter boxes for the governor, a frequency of 0-50 Hz, with digital display device, the figures show that the instrument for the RH-24A Smart General Instrument, the instrumentation components imported products, has a strong anti-interference ability And stability, has the following characteristics:
    1) 4 showed that the frequency of the frequency output.
    2) open to prevent theft of empty products
    3) measuring the speed of the article
    4) barbed roller speed measurement
    5) barbed roller speed to set the minimum parameters, and display and control of motor-Astoria.
    6) full-length tube display and control functions.
    7) Since the detection of broken bars stop function, when the break occurred after the instrument no longer be counted, and to report to the police so that the output-Astoria to stop.
    8) fault detection sensitivity can be digital-conditioning, so that reliable detection sensitivity.
    9) instrument with the lead-off round of the article, reducing friction and drawing sliver accident, to effectively improve the quality of cotton every shot, and possession of Plugging testing since stopped.
    10) card can be detected province Optoelectronic off from the device to stop and barbed roller speed switch.
    11) panel with full cylinders, low-speed roller Spurs, Broken light show.
    12) when the power automatically to preserve the data without the battery.

7. Allocation from the flowers back to stop, prevent the return Ji Shang Hua, cylinder-Astoria in favor of cotton clothing Net transfers to improve the quality of yarn.

Any special requirements, according to data provided by users in fine-tuning.

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