FA238-carding machine

FA238-carding machine
main features of the

spinning dedicated Mianjuan;
computer control, shows that the parameters;
Astoria to the cotton and Laura Frequency;
multiple simultaneous transmission belt, a smooth operation, low noise ;
machine-wide multi-point suction aspiration in a row;
pre-and post-fixed gill cover and roller carding plate;
visual cotton double aprons mediated net cotton plant;
Convenient and safe closure of the entire security cover, beautiful generous;
since stopped a number of security devices;
Before the plane after the cleaners have a network of cotton;
new type of high-quality metal rack; < BR>
plate cylinder with the reverse rotation, carding enhance and improve the quality of the cotton net;
took cover from the shelling get copied to replace the brush roll on the chopping knife.

FA238 card-type electrical control cabinet, the use of imported PLC and two import converter, control and Astoria to the cotton stepless speed motor And the ratio of operating, smooth take-off and landing speed, stable and reliable operation. Machines left in front of the security screen cast with imports, can be opened to stop all motor control, can display a variety of dynamic information technology and a variety of failures and full extinguishers, and other state To report to the police, the control center of the machine is imported PLC, simple, reliable operation.

electrical control cabinet and security integration hood design, generous appearance.
visual network of double cotton aprons cotton guide device to ensure the stability of the sliver of high-speed output, by designing the first roll with Autoleveller Laura detection feature.
Adolf use electrical inverter, synchronous belt drive, to achieve stepless speed regulation.
cylinder used barbed roller-belt drive, a simple structure, the stability of the start.
the whole point of suction machine more Absorption in a row, the pressure for testing.
unique pressure agencies to achieve integration and testing of the pressure and neat and well-spaced and self-detection devices common.
back cover, carding enhance and improve the quality of the cotton net. Flowers take cover from stripping down to replace the brush roll on the chopping knife.
cotton to the use of roller motor FM (SIMENS) transmission, continuously variable to achieve, through computer-controlled and synchronized drive-Astoria.

technical specifications
the scope of application apply to the local fiber length of 22 to 76 mm of cotton, chemical fibers and their blends.
Yield (kg / h) Top 70
Be a speed (m / min) 89-200
Quantitative sliver (g / m) 3.5-6.5
Fed cotton weight (g / m) 400-800
Working width (mm) 1000
Drawing a multiple of total 98-177
Work of the cylinder diameter (mm) 1288
Cylinder speed (transfer / min) 326 356 428
Work-Astoria in diameter (mm) 706
speed (transfer / min) 6-60
work diameter (mm) 250
roller speed (transfer / min) 674 736 803 886 967
(cover work / cover of the total) 30/82
Cover the speed of rotation (mm / min) 77-309
combing parts Fixed before the flat, after the fixed cover, gill plate carding roller
Sliver application of the tube (mm) A diameter of 600 or 1000 high 1100
Dust in a row Suction air flow 3500 m 3 / hour, static pressure -920 Pa
Total power installed capacity (kW) 6.784
One: the main motor 3.8
Motor 1.5
Cover clean electric roller 0.37
Clean electric roller 0.55
Cotton to the roller motor 0.55
Cover small brush motor 0.007
Security cover in the form of Closed
Area (length width) (mm) 4165 2641
Machine net weight (kg) About 5000

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