FA171-fed cotton
use products
card is a product of the Qing and crew spent the connection between the device, which is evenly through the opening song, a mixture of fiber to form a uniform layer of cotton feeding feast Salisbury Cotton, to ensure that the carding machine for cotton uniform in a row, blowing to achieve continuous process.
main features of the
double roller cotton to feed, to avoid the shortcomings of filament-wound roller;
double roller cotton to the use of Frequency Control;
machine equipped with a security device;
double to Laura Cotton, cotton to the roller and roll song to open the distance between adjustable;
unique vibration-gate structure, conducive to the formation of uniform close The output of cotton-feast;
a pair of roller output may choose to draft than the raw materials to ensure the stability of the feast of cotton output;
effectively improve the evenness and weight irregularity.
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