A186F-Carding Machine

A186F-Carding Machine
The machine is the first procedure-spend process, is well after the procedure of the process, the local adaptation of raw materials for chemical fiber and cotton fiber, will be brought before the procedure of cotton (synthetic) or by the volume of cotton me into the supply of oil Cotton (synthetic) for a loose layer, the dredging and purify, all with curly, the Mianjuan Flake, carding a basic extension of the single fiber state, and in the process, get rid of the legacy of breaking procedure Tablets, impurities and short fiber, and then integrate certain specifications of the reservoir in the lap of the volume of cotton barrel, under the procedure to use.

Main technical parameters
- Other: the right side, the side of the cylinder main drive
- Rate: 1,020 mm
Mianjuan meet specifications: maximum diameter of 550 mm width of 980 mm
Working cylinder diameter: 1,286 mm
Xilin speed (optional): 330 to / pm (chemical fiber spinning) to 360 / pm (spinning cotton)
Astoria work diameter: 707 mm
Astoria speed (gear exchange rate) :19-30 to / points
Drawing multiple :67-120
Active machine: the main motor 3.3 kw, Adolf two-speed motor 0.36-0.75 kw
All-Weight: about 4,500 kg
Production capacity :15-20 kg / hour
The machine's largest energy-consuming: 4.5 kw

This model is the most mature card A186F series models, designed easy applicability, is the domestic cotton textile enterprises to use the backbone of models.
Starting cylinder: centrifugal friction-off starting blocks
Astoria starter: The two-speed motor and electromagnetic clutch, with delay relays to achieve a buffer to protect the exchange of Gear Shift, Slow Health head. With the Waldorf to the flowers, thick volumes, such as broken since stopping device.
Additional components can increase carding (taker-carding plate, before and after the fixed cover)
Can significantly improve the effect of carding, spinning meet the requirements of the high-cotton yarn.
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