A186G-Carding Machine

A186G-Carding Machine


main features of the

unique patented three-roller stripping cotton;
increase in the gill plate carding roller;
After the first three additional two fixed cover;
brake fast-Astoria;
used Step-pressure roll;
use of Adolf timing belt drive;
about closed-end security cover;
quality of the MCC.

technical specifications
the scope of application apply to the local cotton and chemical fiber spinning pure or blended with Mianjuan feeding.
quantitative production 3.5 ~ 6.5 g / m
production Maximum 35 kg / h
working width 1000 mm
additional pieces of comb roller carding a board
Cover fixed after 2
cover fixed before the
drawing a multiple of total 67 ~ 120
Spurs roll diameter of the work 250 mm
barbed roller speed of the work cotton 1070 to /
Fiber 980 /
work of the cylinder diameter 1289 mm
cylinder speed of the work Cotton 360 /
Fiber 330 /
the work of Adolf diameter 706 mm
speed of the work of Adolf 21.3 ~ 38.2 to /
cover the number kan
(cover work / cover of the total)
flat rate of Cotton 177 214 266 mm / sub
Fiber 81 98 122 mm / sub
sliver application of the tube
(diameter height)
600 900 mm
600 1100 mm
dust Cylinder triangle-Astoria, gill cover roller cover, curtain delivery vehicles belly 3 miscellaneous cleaning
suction air flow in a row 1300 m 3 / h
wind -500 ~ -600 Pa
total power installed capacity 4.4 kW
main motor 3.3 kW
Adolf drive motor 1.1 kW (frequency, a significant number of users may choose to use)
area (length width) 3809 2092 mm
weight of the whole machine About 4500 kg

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