FA201B-Carding Machine

FA201B-Carding Machine

main features of the
patented three-roller stripping cotton sector, the main body rotation;
adopted to achieve doffer converter stepless adjustment;
New In the first three of the three fixed cover;
Spurs download a set of roller carding plate;
new type of high-quality metal rack;
display instrument equipped with numerical control, non-contact sensors, display Be a speed ban production and processing parameters, such as broken, and failure to return to spend a number of safety devices stop since
adapt to the requirements of users, there are a variety of cleaning options

1, Laura Mianjuan 2, smoking car belly spend 3 points to 4, Laura Cotton, barbed roller cover gas suction point 5, Spurs Roll 6, after the fixed cover 7, 8, stabbed roller carding plate, cylinder
9, Flat 10, the former fixed 11 cover, cotton net cleaners smoke point 12, took cover smoking 13 points, 14, Astoria, clean suction roll 15 points, Laura Cotton stripping 16, 17, before the pressure roller, ring-article
Spurs Adolf Additional
technical specifications
the scope of application apply to the local fiber length of 22-76 mm of cotton, chemical fiber and its blend
Quantitative sliver (g / m) 3.5 ~ 6.5
Mianjuan adapt to the specifications (mm) Maximum diameter of 550, width 980
Yield (kg / h) Top 45
Output speed (m / min) 57.7 ~ 121.2
Drawing a multiple of total 67.5 ~ 120.5
roller speed of work (to / min) 800 930
speed work (to / min) 6 ~ 36
Cylinder speed of work (to / min) 330 360
Cover the number kan (cover work / cover of the total) 41/106
Cover speed (mm / min) 72 91 129 141 184 241 342
combing parts Gill plate roller carding a
cover fixed after 3
cover fixed before the 3
Sliver application of the tube (mm) Diameter: 600 high: 900 1100
(Article square circle, on-demand users)
Total installed capacity of power 5.17 kW
Security cover in the form of Closed
Area (length width) 3591 2123 (mm)
Machine net weight (kg) About 5000

Lvchen way (there are two optional)
1. Suction machine in a row
stomach vehicle and crew spent four spent convergence, in a row on smoking, smoking Wind capacity of 2700 m3 / h, static pressure of not less than -10000 Pago;
Lvchen Explorer diameter 240mm.
2. Intermittent smoke (optional)
machines in a row 4:00 inhalation Lvchen single box, exhaust volume of 1800 cubic meters / hour; -49 Pa static pressure air vents - 95m Pago;
machine Stomach took off and spent filter cleaning system from outside intermittent suction aspiration air volume: 2000 m3 / h; -1863 Pa static pressure;
Lvchen Explorer diameter 165mm.

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