FA239-based high-yield Card

FA239-based high-yield Card
FA239 high-card
main features of the
industrial control and computer touch-screen display parameters;
Astoria to the cotton and Laura Frequency;
multiple simultaneous transmission belt, a smooth operation, low noise;
machine-wide multi-point suction aspiration in a row;
set up before and after the fixed gill cover and roller carding plate;
visual cotton double aprons mediated net cotton plant;
convenient and safe closure of the entire security cover;
since stopped a number of security devices;
Before the plane after the cotton by the network Cleaners;
new type of high-quality metal rack;
back cover, carding enhance and improve the quality of the cotton net;
took cover from the shelling get copied to replace the brush roll on the chopping knife
cotton to the use of roller drive motor FM, The Promise to achieve speed, computer controlled and synchronized drive-Astoria. fixed around the cylinder cover and clean cotton net, gill carding roller boards to adopt the structure of aluminum, lightweight parts, welcome home Miscellaneous good results
use of FM-Astoria motor, belt drive, to achieve the speed Promise.

technical specifications
the scope of application apply to the local fiber length of 22 to 76 mm of cotton, chemical fiber and its blend
quantitative sliver (g / m) 3.5-6.5
meet the specifications Mianjuan (mm) maximum diameter of 550, width 980
yield (kg / h) top 50
output speed (m / min) 57.7 ~ 121.2
drawing a multiple of total 67.5 ~ 120.5
barbed roller speed of work (to / min) 800 930
the work of Adolf speed (to / min) 6 ~ 36
cylinder speed of work (to / min) 330 360
cover the number kan (cover work / cover of the total) 41/106
cover speed (mm / min) 72 91 129 141 184 241 342
additional combing parts gill plate roller carding a
cover fixed after 3
cover fixed before the 3
sliver application of the tube (mm) diameter: 600 high: 900 1100
(Article square circle, on-demand users)
total installed capacity of power 5.72 kW
security cover in the form of closed
area (length width) 3591 2123 (mm)
machine net weight (kg) about 5000
production by the following factors
heavy working conditions
Be a speed Air-conditioning
Raw materials Maintenance adjustment
Fiber fineness, length Management experience

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