FA203A-Carding Machine

FA203A-Carding Machine
main features of the
industrial control and computer touch-screen display parameters. took cover from the shelling get copied to replace the brush roll on the chopping knife.
special rack, high strength and easy adjustment for major leak at the end of the demolition drive to adopt the whole design of factory production and new rack.
closed a round wall to avoid a wall flower. new design, generous appearance.
meet the two-Mianjuan cotton or feed me. 40 seconds brake cylinder body (user choice).
machine-wide multi-point suction aspiration in a row. 5 from the stop, around detection device.
back cover, carding enhance and improve the quality of the cotton net. cylinder designed to optimize the structure of Astoria, to improve accuracy.
set up before and after carding a fixed plate and cover. network can be observed cotton aprons cotton plant derivative.

Autoleveller device; FT025-hybrid Ring-Autoleveller, FT024A imports and SLT-N-type open-loop transfer Autoleveller, by detecting feeding cotton Thickness of the layer and the thickness of the article, from cotton to the computer-controlled roller speed to achieve, neat and well-spaced fragment length

technical specifications
the scope of application apply to the local fiber length of 22 to 76 mm of cotton, chemical fibers and their blends.
theoretical yield 80 kg / hour (up to be a speed of 280 m / min)
quantitative sliver 3.5 ~ 6.5 (g / m)
weight cotton to feed 400 ~ 1000 (g / m)
working width 1000 mm
drawing a multiple of total 60 ~ 300
Spurs roll diameter of the work 250 mm
barbed roller speed of the work 756 833 942 1025 to / (pulley: 224)
771 800 872 949 switch / (pulley: 242)
647 712 805 877 switch / (pulley: 262)
the work of Adolf diameter 706 mm
speed of the work of Adolf 8.9 ~ 89 transfer /
work of the cylinder diameter 1288 mm
cylinder speed of the work cotton spinning
chemical fiber spinning
344 379 429 467 switch /
300 331 374 407 transfer /
rotary cover a number of root (cover work / cover of the total) 32/86
Flat rate of Cotton spinning
chemical fiber spinning
82 ~ 338 mm / sub-
71 ~ 294 mm / sub
additional pieces of comb roller carding plate, after the fixed cover, the former fixed cover
sliver applied to a high degree of tube diameter 600, 1000 mm
1100,1200 mm
dust in a row Air flow 3500 m 3 / hour
export static pressure (absolute) > -920 Pa
air Pressure 4 to 5 kg / cm 3
air consumption 0.01 m 3 / h
total installed capacity of power 8.84 kW
main drive motor 5.5 kW
Adolf drive motor 2.2 kW
clean electric roller 0.37 kW
spent cleaning roller cover motor 0.37 kW
cotton to the motor 0.4 kW
security cover in the form of Closed-wide
area (length width) 4468 2735 mm (600-lap article)
4670 2120 mm (1000-lap article)
net weight of machinery 5500kg

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