A186H-Carding Machine

A186H-Carding Machine
Main technical parameters
- Other: the right side, the side of the cylinder main drive
- Rate: 1,020 mm
Mianjuan meet specifications: maximum diameter of 550 mm width of 980 mm
Working cylinder diameter: 1,286 mm
Xilin speed (optional): 330 to / pm (chemical fiber spinning) to 360 / pm (spinning cotton)
Astoria work diameter: 707 mm
Astoria speed (gear exchange rate) :19-30 to / points
Drawing multiple :67-120
Active machine: the main motor 3.3 kw, Adolf two-speed motor 0.36-0.75 kw
All-Weight: about 4,500 kg
Production capacity :15-20 kg / hour
The machine's largest energy-consuming: 4.5 kw

models for the A186F Modified Series card
Waldorf used motor frequency, stepless speed regulation drive to extend the useful life of transmission components.
before and after a fixed cover, cotton net cleaner
before and after the return to a flower, after Vol. Since the breaking of the stops or set up, drawing a few of the few numerical speed detection.
rotating cover a 0.56 mm small heel toe, raising carding function.
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